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    Post by LadyeFalcon

    The most recognized psychic abilities are the ‘clairs’ from 17th century French meaning clear. Psychic abilities cover a large range of talents and skills. The 'clairs' are directly connected to our five senses. Most people have a dominant sense, finding an Advisor whose dominant skill correlates to your dominant sense may improve your reading experience.
    Clairsentience: (clear feelings) is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of feeling.
    Clairsentience is the most widely recognized and utilized psychic gifts. I believe we are all born with this ability.
    If you watch a baby they will respond to your feelings. They do not know what a smile or frown means however they will instinctually respond to them.
    This is often the ‘gut instinct’ and ‘intuition’ that so many rely on without even being aware they have and are using a psychic ability. Quite often you will hear Clairsentients say things such as 'I don't know I just have a feeling'.
    Animals utilize this gift all the time. If you watch animals that are accustomed to human presence you will notice they do this all the time. They will stop and watch you, you can almost feeling them ‘smoking you’ and they will then utilize this information to determine weather you are a threat or not.
    Clairsentience was probably a very valuable tool to our hunter/gathering ancestors. This gift was probably highly valued by our ancestors as a very useful ‘survival’ instinct.
    Clairsentients can almost seem and some even are telepathic as they are able to accurately sense and understand the feelings of others. Some Clairsentients do tune into others so deeply that they do posses a certain level of telepathic ability.
    Empaths and Sensitives are Clairsentient, and have a wonderful insight into the feelings of others, and quite frequently their 'motivations' as well.
    While Empaths usually connect and pick up feelings from other people, Sensitives can also sense residual energies and feelings from objects, places and inanimate objects as well as people. Many Empaths, and Sensitives whom have developed their skills are also telepathic, in that they can send as well as receive energy and impressions.
    For more information please view Clairsentients, Empaths and Sensitive’s.
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