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    Hi!!! From Zara


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    Hi!!! From Zara

    Post by zara on Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:58 am

    My name is Zara and I have a passion for the tarot. I have been reading cards for the last 20 years and I am continually amazed by the wisdom in this system of divination. I am a Pagan and I have practiced the art of Positive Magic for the last 20 years. I live by the 3 fold law. Which is essentially, karma/ "the golden rule" to the power of 3!

    I live a magical life through the use of the tarot, burning candles with positively focused intentions and through using "words of Power". All of which I can teach you about. You don't have to be a pagan to apply these principals in your life. They are just useful spiritual tools to focus your mind on your goals and dreams by using your own free will.

    The way I connect to the Goddess is through the Pacific Ocean and through the Moon. I am a surfer and connect with the divine out in the waves on my surfboard. Feeling the energy of the majestic ocean and the power of the tides. I also practice yoga and meditation.

    I live a clean and sober lifestyle so, that I can be a clear channel for the quiet voice of intuition. I have lived this lifestyle since 1987 and apply my spirituality through the 12 steps and a 12 step program. If you are living or discovering a sober way of life, I can offer support to you.

    i look forward to reading for you and send you bright blessings! May your day and your life be filled with magic!
    Sending you light,

    Here are some testimonials for my readings:

    Sue 9/23/10 Highest accolades! Zara is by far the best!!! She predicted a future relationship a few months ago, described where he lived and the view plus other details, when I had not even asked about other men in my future.

    Andrea 1/13/10 I cannot describe what zara means to me. She has guided me through the worst times in my life I have ever had to face. She is so right on it scares me a little sometimes, but getting used to the, "holy cow" you were soooo right. (scary but good scary Smile) Now its just cool Smile. Love her to death, any of you who want to know the real story you should call with open hearts and minds. She is the best there is.

    Bev 9/3/10 wow, incredible. absolutely incredible. lots of insight, direct, and caring. told me things that amazed me. really, fantastic.

    Tim 9/10/10 She is just incredible. Very good reader, and I was amazed at her accuracy. Very positive and professional as well.

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