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    Magickal Timings


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    Magickal Timings

    Post by LadyeFalcon on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:41 am

    It is very easy to get rather caught up in the timing of a spell. Timing is another tool that can assist you in your focus, however as always the most important tool in magick is your Intention, your Focus, and your Need and/or Will, the rest are just additional tools we use to help 'smooth' the path of the energy we are directing.

    There are several aspects in magical timing the most well known and in my opinion most useful is of course the Moon.

    Waxing (growing larger) it is a time for magick that focuses on increase and growth,

    Waning (growing smaller) time for decrease,neutralization and dissolution of energies, entities and habits.

    The phases of the moon are also connected to the different aspect of the Goddess, as is different times in the suns path are associated with the different aspects of the God.

    Dark Moon (Hag, Underworld)
    This is a good time for inner working and gaining knowledge about oneself. Or, workings that confront self destructive patterns and fears. Not particularly a time for Magic. This is a good time to focus on internal aspects and guided meditations.

    New Moon (Maiden)
    This is the time of new beginnings new projects that focus on 'maturing' or 'growing'

    Waxing Crescent (Mother)
    This is the time of nurturance and growth, the time that you would ‘feed’ your hex signs, spells, 'sigils’, bindrunes etc.

    Full Moon (Crone)
    The time of wisdom and completion, this is the time that you would ‘celebrate’ the success of a project or the completion of your working.Also it is a good time to connect with your inner strengths gifts and enhance your knowledge, wisdom and skill.

    The waning moon times alternate between the Crone and the Hag aspect of the goddess, depending mostly on the day and the planetary hour you are working in.

    These are just generalities, different traditions have different interpretations, for example in Slavic Sorcery and Shamanism the moon is actually considered to be ‘masculine’ and the Sun is assigned with Feminine energies. Best way to find your own rhythm is to spend the time in ritual and‘find’ your own particular timing and cycles, which can also be very useful in your day to day life. You may find you are more sensitive to certain types of energies during certain phases of the moon, or have prophetic dreams during certain phases. Find your own rhythm and cycle.

    Timing with the moon the“sign’ the moon is in can be very important as well.

    Next timing tool would be days of the week and planetary hours.

    Each day of the week is named after a Particular God or Goddess, and is ‘ruled’ by a particular planet.

    Monday (F) water, light blue, pearl, silver
    Moon-day and it is of course ruled by the Moon. This planets influence is very useful in all forms of magick that utilize psychic gifts and all forms of divination and prophecy.

    Tuesday (M) Fire, Red
    This day is ruled by Mars; it is a day according to tradition that is best suited for matters of overcoming conflict, battle and get this …marriage….So goes the old saying… there is a fine line between love and hate…

    Wednesday (M) Air Orange
    Is ruled by Mercury; it is a day that is well suited to research, investigation, and learning, it is also well suited to developing new skills and abilities and business ventures.

    Thursday (M) Water, fire, Deep Blues, and Purples
    Is ruled by Jupiter, and its influences are best suited to luck, prosperity, abundance and growth.

    Friday (F) Earth, Water, Greens, Pinks, Browns
    This day is ruled by Venus, and of course is a day well suited to love. Venus is also well suited to matter of the heart, creativity,artistic ventures, beauty and youthfulness.

    Saturday (F) Earth
    This day is ruled by Saturn and the Hag aspect of the Goddess. Spells on this day are best suited to overcoming obstacles recognizing self destructive pattern and habits and getting rid of those influences.Journey and soul work, meditation seeking knowledge of one self. Tradition says that this is also a good day for binding magick’s and contact with the Underworld.

    Sunday (M) Fire, Gold’s and Yellows
    This day is ruled by the Sun. Spells on this day are best suited to matters dealing with power, advancement, growth, friendships,success, vitality, creativity and ego.

    These are just a rough overview; each day has numerous correspondences associated with it as well as specific sigils and symbols.
    If you would like more information on spell work and creating your own spells and rituals please feel free to let me now.

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