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    Weather Wyches


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    Weather Wyches

    Post by LadyeFalcon on Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:35 pm

    Not much is written about these powerful women, do a Google search and you find next to nothing about Weather Witches.

    Though they are rare, there are still a few Weather Witches that the local farmers in rural areas turn to during bad seasons. With the advent of so many Global Environmental changes it is a shame to see the breed dying away, as their talents will be very much in need in the coming years. Though they can not make rain out of nothing, they can out of next to nothing.

    A tale of a famous weather witch

    After Toil and Trouble, 'Witch' Is Cleared
    Va. Resident's Quest Leads to Pardon for Woman Convicted in 1706
    Pungo, Va., may have to come up with some other historical tidbit as its claim to fame. The Witch of Pungo -- who supposedly accursed Tidewater farms in the 17th and 18th centuries -- has been cleared of all charges, namely that she was ever a witch.
    On Monday, 300 years after Grace Sherwood was convicted at a trial that saw her thrown into the Lynnhaven River with her thumbs tied to her feet, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine pardoned her. The rules of the trial were simple: If you floated, you were guilty of being a witch; if you sank, you were cleared. And dead. Sherwood didn’t sink.
    As predicted by her accusers, Grace managed to stay afloat until she could free herself and swim to shore. She was jailed and awaiting trial for witchcraft for nearly eight years, when she was set free. She moved back to her Pungo home and lived there until her death at the age of 80.
    Many stories have been told and retold over the years about this most remarkable woman. One of the tales that has been handed down from generation to generation has to do with the day of her ducking. When they led Grace Sherwood through the crowd that had turned out to see her put into the water she told them, "All right, all of you po' white trash, you've worn out your shoes traipsin' here to see me ducked, but before you'll get back home again you are goin' to get the duckin' of your life." When they put Grace into the water the sky was as bright blue as a bird's wing, but immediately afterward it grew pitch black, the thunder rolled and the lightning flashed all across the heavens. The terrified people started for home, only to be washed off the roads and into the ditches by a regular cloudburst.

    Are you a weather witch?

    Can you ‘sense’ a storm hours or even days before it hits.
    Are you ‘emotionally’ affected by the change of the seasons?
    Do thunderstorms ‘excite’ you?
    Do you seem to attract the weather you don’t want?
    For example… you are planning an outdoors party, and worry about it raining on the day of the party … and contrary to all the weather reports it rains. We attract what we focus on, and an untrained weather witch will through worry attract the exact weather they don’t want.
    Have you ever been frightened or gotten really angry and a storm rolled in out of nowhere?
    Have you ever ‘whistled up’ a wind?
    If so you might be a Weather Wych

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