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    Gypsies, Psychics, and Thieves


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    Gypsies, Psychics, and Thieves

    Post by LadyeFalcon on Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:59 pm

    The truth about curses, hexes and bad luck

    I read and hear all these negative tales about this Gypsy fortune teller or that Psychic.
    Just to set the record straight

    • Gypsy is actually a derogatory term for the Romani peoples.
    • There are not that many Romani people especially in the states
    • Most of these scam artists are calling themselves a Gypsy because of the romanticized legends about Gypsy’s and their psychic abilities.
    • Some of them are travelers. Yes some travelers are Romani, but they are also of Irish, Italian, French and Spanish decent. It is more about carrying on an old lifestyle and traditions than ethnicity. It used to be a simple way of life that fostered a respect and deep connection to the Earth.

    I come from a family that has practiced magick for generations. My Great Grandmother was one of those people that everyone talks about and feared.
    Not only did she have the knowledge, skill, and power, she had the will as well. She would without hesitation or regret put the “Evil Eye” on someone. And it was well known she could and would do it. Though she very rarely did… there are consequences to such actions. Quite frankly she rarely actually had to, her reputation and the fear of it was more than enough. Quite honestly that often did more damage than the actual hex ever could.
    Hexes and curses take a great amount of knowledge, skill, and energy. Very few people have the correct combination of all three. And if they do, NO ONE can maintain that level of energy consistently for very long. So this idea of people running ads and hexing hundreds of people is beyond ridiculous. If you bought into one of these scams not only did you get taken you most likely caused yourself more harm than you did the other person.

    Curses, Hexes, the Evil Eye, and the Law of Raven.
    We live weather we know or not by some very fundamental universal laws, the laws of nature so to speak. The most basic ones are:
    1. The realm that we exist in is one of duality and balance, everything including our selves is a balance of malevolent and benevolent tendencies and forces.
    2. All living beings have self preservation tendencies. These are ingrained not only into or DNA, but every fiber of our being, to survive, to be productive etc..
    Any being attempting to upset these laws is already fighting an uphill battle. That is why quite frankly curses, and hexes usually fail, if not they are effective only in the short term. And more often than not they back-fire on the caster, who usually is someone who is meddling with something they have very little knowledge of. Quite bluntly, if they had any knowledge of such things they would be well aware of the consequences of such actions, (remember the saying ‘It is not nice to fool Mother Nature” ) and would use them only in the direst of situations. They certainly would not be auctioning them off on e-bay like a used coat.
    So if someone is trying to convince you have been cursed…. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and ignore them. The probability of them being able to remove a curse someone else may have placed on you is even less than the probability that you have been cursed in the first place.

    So you ask why all the Bad luck?

    What my Great Grandmother and many of these hucksters know is that it is the IDEA of a curse that causes the problem more so than the actual curse. We become our own worst enemy in this. We feed the negative thought-form and keep it alive and thriving through our own fears, anxieties, and insecurities. The best way to remove a curse and protect yourself is self –empowerment.
    So if someone is telling you have been cursed and you need THEM to remove it. The chances are is that they are the actual cause of the problem. It is best to avoid such people. Definitely do not let them influence you or your choices.
    As my Aunt who was a very skilled and powerful woman as well, used to tell me often.
    “People don’t do a thing to you that you do not let them do”
    This was more than just another one of her quaint adages that she regularly shared with me. It was a way of life for her.

    Next: Breaking the Spell.

    Psychic hygiene, and self-defense.
    We will cover some basic skills that can be utilized to protect ones-self, neutralize negativity, and dissolve negative thought-forms.

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