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    Witches and Satan


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    Witches and Satan

    Post by LadyeFalcon on Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:54 pm

    Witches and Satan
    Once again witchcraft has made the news. And once again it is associated with concepts of evil that have no basis in actual fact.

    Almost all Wiccans are witches, very few witches are Wiccan though.

    Wicca is a clearly defined spirituality with clearly defined‘values’
    There is the law of three, and the harm none law. A true Wiccan firmly believes in these values. Wiccans primarily believe in a Goddess,and see the God as her ‘counterpart’ or balance.

    Witchcraft, and Wyches, are a more diverse tradition than Wicca. Most wyches are hereditary or traditional wyches and their practices vary depending on the locality. For example on the East Coast in the southern part of the mountains you will find a lot Cherokee, and Scotch Irish influence in their practices and beliefs. In the Northern part of the mountains you will find a lot of Iroquois, Germanic, and Slavic influences.
    However they all have similar core beliefs, as the wiccans.This core belief is one of personal responsibility, you are responsible for your actions and there are consequences.
    Weather it is called the law of three, Wyrd, or Orenda the concept is the same. We are all connected, and what goes around comes back around.

    Wiccans, Witches, and Wyches do not believe in Satan. Satan is specifically a Christian construct.

    I have traveled quite a bit, I have studied and practiced with lots of Wiccan and Witches and I have never once known any of them to practice blood magick. I believe this misconception dates back to the Romans whom claimed that Druids practiced human sacrifice.

    My truly indigo daughter has a point. My generation was taught to ‘keep silent’. Magick was spoken of in the home only and only amongst trusted family members. It was not a topic for ‘outsiders’ or ‘city folk’. Though as a teen I did of course have to push those boundaries a bit. And I learned a few lessons the hard way, and soon went back into the broom closet and the safe practice of silence. As my daughter has pointed out, my generations silence has allowed such negative stereotypes, hate,and fear to foster.

    I believe that we are at a time of significant change. The possibilities at this time are limitless; the energy is available for dramatic global change. We can strive to become a people of tolerance, inclusiveness,and balance. Or we can allow our fear of change to drive us to further and further extremes creating continual conflict. This is the choice we face now.There are many, many prophecies about this time in our planet. But to boil it all down it comes down to simply making a choice. We have the power and the energy is readily available in great abundance now. It is just a matter of deciding what do we want our future to be? Tapping into that energy focusing it and make those changes. One person can not do it alone (we are all connected) But if we do not provide a balance to all the fear,divisiveness, and hate guess what our future will look like.

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