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    Post by LadyeFalcon on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:12 am

    Wychcraft has been practiced in the continental United States since the 1600's. American Wychcraft is unique in that it has over the generations incorporated so many cultures and practices, quite frequently referred to as ‘Folk Magick’ , ‘MountainMagick’, Granny Magick, Family Tradition or ‘Pow Wows’, most publications present these traditions as simple sympathetic magicks. American Wychcraft as I know it also includes Shamanistic practices from Ancient Europe and the Indigenous peoples of North Eastern Woodlands, as well as many of the ‘Mystic’ traditions,Rune Magick and Hex Craft.

    Wychcraft is primarily a ‘Goddess Spirituality’ however unlike Wicca and many of the other Goddess traditions the Goddess is referred to by her ‘title’ rather than her proper name. ‘Names have power’ and it was considered disrespectful though at times the Gods and Goddess’s would be invoked by their proper name, it was usually only done under the direst of circumstances. Most of the time you would hear the Goddess referred to by titles such as Great Mother, Grandmother Spider, Mother of Hearth and home. The same would apply to the Gods.

    We hope to bring together generations of wisdom and recipes in concise and easy to search and understand format. (frankly we are both tired of hunting and trying to remember which recipe book the information we needed was in so we have begun compiling them on the computer in a searchable format). This by no means will be a complete book on the practice of American Wychcraft; nor are we seeking to go to deep into the history of the practice it will be more of a collection of techniques, spells and practices.
    We hope to begin conducting classes on the topics through Illumae's online seminar beginning Jan of next year

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