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    The Magick of the Dance


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    The Magick of the Dance

    Post by LadyeFalcon on Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:48 am

    The Magick of Dance

    Amongst Amerindians there are several sacred and very powerful ‘medicine’ dances.

    Belly Dancing was developed by the Priestesses in Ancient Eygpt or so it is said.

    The Sufi utilize Dance to heal themselves and the world.

    We can utilize dance as a way to clear and align our energy centers (chakras) and as a way to raise energy, ground and strengthen our shields. I have found that belly dancing… especially for women clears and aligns the root chakra quickly and gets energy moving smoothly.

    Ta Chi is another way that we can utilize ‘dance’ to clear and align energy centers.

    Many folks have a difficult time just sitting and meditating…. But dance can and is used as a very powerful form of meditation and can be utilized to raise energy, and enter a ‘trance’ state and journey.

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